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Thread: Software Protection "SWaP"

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    Lightbulb [SEAT] [Leon 5F] Software Protection "SWaP"

    Sofware protection is a new function of the databus diagnosis interface that allows coding certain functions which are not factory active and which the customer wants to incorporate to the vehicle.
    The functions that can be coded via SWaP are:
    - Cruise control GRA.
    - Fatigue recognition “MKE”.
    - Navigation data update.
    System particulars:
    - An unlock code “FSC, Freischaltcode” needs to be used.
    - Implies PR modifying.
    - The code is supplied as an accessory part.
    The function is activated through the diagnosis equipment in the special functions section, and the necessary parameters are:
    - System activation code.
    - Connection with the manufacturer.
    - GEKO portal key.

    M.a.w. zitten sowieso ge´nstalleerd bij levering al dan niet geactiveerd;
    - Cruise Control
    - Vermoeidheidsherkenning
    - Update van de navigatie (vermoedelijk MapCare?)
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