Hello all,
Due to severe back pain - traced down to the Ateca chair itself, as being short and not having enough thigh support, i'm considering changing the driver chair with maybe one from Tiguan or Karoq or....any other

Shutout to all car moders: first : are these seats (Ateca - Karoq - Tiguan) compatible?

Overall, what i need is:
- a longer chair, or, with thigh support - as in Audi chairs - but i need it to be compatible with Ateca, hence either from Tiguan or Karoq or....Audi Q3...?
- memory so that, if my wife changes the position, i don't get again into trouble

This was the short version of the story, traced back to this conclusion, but the rabbit hole is much too deep, if you have time to read:
- since test drive, i felt really uncomfortable, but traced the root cause to bad chair position, given that i've driven saloons previously and it was first time in a SUV (hence the up right position instead of the laid back position of a saloon)
- told the salesman, he advised chairs on the XCellence trim are much more comfortable than the basic version i was testing - it was just a lie. Why didn't i test the other Ateca? well...they simply didn't have it for testdrive
- bought: gel cushion, memory foam cushion, mixed gel and memory cushion, memory form back rest (by the way, the lumbar support is just a hoax), two different massage mattresses, one extra center console arm rest (by the way - do you know any arm rest for the side (door) arm rest)? - nothing works.
Best thing that i've bough - arrived yesterday - a thigh extension from china - seems to actually work - , this is how i've traced the issue to the chair itself.
Pain is so nice that it sets in after 15 minutes of driving - and yes - i went to physiotherapy. It may not be the cause, but it definitively makes it worse.
As coming from the sallon, I enjoyed the view in a SUV, but i still wanted the low position - simply to feel the car better.
Lowest position in an SUV - namely Ateca -> hardest back pain.

I've tried, of course, the up-right position.
First issue: as i raise the chair, chair tilts forward, instead of just going up. hence i would be pushing my legs on the pedals
Second issue: as i raise the chair and my foot are more into the pedals, i need to either tilt the back rest (hence no back support) or the seat backwards - hence i cannot reach the steering wheel anymore...
Tried to set the chair to almost max height: nice up-right position, reached wheel, reached pedals -> central mirror creates a nicely wide blind spot =>>> NEARLY CRASHED into a small fiat as i was turning right (my wheel is on the left, btw).

Contacted Seat Belgium support: sales tells me to call after sales customer support. Imagine if salesman would have just forwarded my email to that guy directly. I reply and ask for a contact.... After sales guy does not reply in one week, emailed his supervisor. received out of office with supervisor being on holiday for the entire month, or so. Contacted manager (less than supervisor), does not reply after two weeks. Contacted Seat.com, redirects to Seat Belgium, Seat Belgium customer support tells me to check the manual on how seat can be adjusted.